ProfessionalLearningWe offer training programs and mini courses for companies both in-company and here at followenglish. Our programs and courses are carefully designed so that we can deliver the most appropriate contents and develop the language skills that we have to focus on more effectively.

Before starting any training program, we have meetings with our clients in order to map out the language skills that have to be prioritized and to establish some individual objectives for each participant. Our mini courses are designed to help participants develop specific skills that can improve their performance and give them confidence in specific activities that involve English.     

Check out the tables below for more information about our training programs and mini courses:

 Business English training programs

 Course Overview: from Basic to Fully Operational Proficiency, our training programs aim to develop your communication skills and linguistic awareness in English by exploring themes from business and the world of work. The main focus is the language used in real work situations and the topics and cultural values of the corporate world. Throughout the course participants have the opportunity not only to learn key expressions, phrases and the structures used in specific work-related situations, but also to develop the business communication skills they need for work. 

 Language Consultancy: together with our training programs we offer a service to help you monitor the performance of your employees in the program. Read more about our Language Consultancy.

 Whereat followenglish or in-company
 Number of participants: 1 - 6 at followenglish or 1 - 8 in-company
 Length: from 2 to 10 months or from 40 to 200 hours. Read more 

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 Mini Courses
 Course Overview: from Intermediate to Fully Operational Proficiency, our mini courses aim to develop specific skills in a short period of time. The subjects include the following business skills: email writing, meetings and presentations, socializing, cross-cultural awareness, and telephoning.   
 Whereat followenglish or in-company
 Number of participants: 1 - 6 at followenglish or 1 - 8 in-company
 Length: from 2 days to 4 weeks or from 5 to 20 hours.  Read more 

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