We provide both oral and written assessments for companies which need an accurate idea of the level of language proficiency of their employees or candidates for a job vacancy. The assessments we offer follow a standardized format and the scores given are based on a scale which was developed in accordance with equivalency tables containing the top proficiency exams, such as IELTS and TOEIC. Find below a short description of the assessments.

  • Oral Assessments

job interviewA 20-minute interview either face-to-face or via Skype assessing the oral skills in five areas (fluency, structure, vocabulary, adequacy and pronunciation). During the interview the employees or candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their linguistic competence and skills by answering questions about their professional background as well as issues related to their working field. After the interview we deliver a 200-word individual oral assessment report (in pdf format) containing a detailed description of their performance and a score. 

  • Written Assessments

A 300-word essay assessing the writing skills in five areas (task response, structure, vocabulary, adequacy and coherence/cohesion). In the essay the employees or candidates have the opportunity to show their linguistic competence by writing about a random topic. The topics include a variety of work-related issues. We deliver a 200-word individual written assessment report (in pdf format) containing a detailed description of their performance and a score.


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